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Fusion with MegaMenu MegaMenu is the term that describes a series of advanced menu features such as grouped child items.

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Module Variations There are 23 module variations in 49 stylistic combinations, as well as 6 structural suffixes for layout control.

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Kshs.5000 per year
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10 Users
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Basic Customization
⊕ iPhone App
⊕ Basic Audit Trail
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50 Users
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⊕ Custom Domains
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Domain & Linux Hosting
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⊕ iPhone App
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⊕ Custom Domains
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  • What is the RokFeatureTable Module?
RokFeatureTable is a module is designed to show tabular data in a stylistic, and easy to present manner. The module is downloadable with the other Omnicron extensions.
  • How do I configure the module?
  • Go to Admin → Extensions → Module → RokFeatureTable
  • Select the Settings icon adjacent to Layout Settings
  • Here, you will be presented with a interactive grid:
    • Select the + / - icons to add / delete columns / rows
    • Insert raw text or HTML into the input boxes
    • Click the class, subline, link or style buttons to activate new input boxes
  • Options: Highlight Column, Built-in CSS & Preset Template.

  • What is Fusion Menu?
Fusion Menu is a menu theme for RokNavMenu, our core menu component. It is a javascript enhanced CSS dropdown menu, that combines standard suckerfish type functionality with animations, transitions and other effects via Mootools.
  • What are the MegaMenu Features for Fusion?
  • Mutli-Columns: Up to 4 columns for each dropdown level.
  • Grouped Items: Display child items inline in the dropdown.
  • Column Width: Set the width of every dropdown column.
  • Inline Modules: Insert modules inside the dropdown
  • Inline Positions: Insert a module position into the dropdown.
Fusion Menu Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is RokFeatureTable?

RokFeatureTable is designed to show tabular data, offering a user friendly interface and integrated styling.

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  • What is Fusion with MegaMenu?

MegaMenu describes a series of advanced features, such as grouped items and inline modules, to the Fusion dropdown menu.

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  • What are the CSS 3 Features?

Border radiuses for rounded corners, color transitions on hover, box shadows and CSS rotation are all included.

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  • What is the Gantry Framework?

Gantry is an advanced framework that powers our latest templates, offering an excellent foundation, full of features.

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